Radio NZ play Cannabis Party opening address

Prime TV Broadcast ALCP Election Ads

ALCP announce Transport and Energy policy

The transport and energy sectors stand to benefit significantly according to policy released today by the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party.

Industrial hemp is the best source of biofuel and renewable resources, needed to fuel New Zealand's economy.

ALCP Leader Julian Crawford said much of New Zealand's electricity generation and transport fuels could be produced locally from hemp, replacing petroleum products.

Cannabis Party first to register for 2014 General Election

The Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis party became the first party to register for the 2014 General Election today, when it met with the Electoral Commission in Wellington at Midday.

Ten electorate candidate and three list-only candidates make up the 13 strong team representing the party in the election.

ALCP leader Julian Crawford said he was proud to have beaten the other parties off the mark and was looking forward to a strong election campaign.

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Norfolk Island Cannabis Trial Blocked by Commonwealth

The approval of a trial of medicinal cannabis that had been granted by Norfolk Island's government has been overturned by the Commonwealth of Australia.

The island's administrator, former Liberal MP Gary Hardgrave, vetoed the decision made by Norfolk Island's authorities.

Earlier this month Norfolk Island gave Tasman Health Cannabinoids (THC) approval to grow medical cannabis.

Cannabis Party Releases New Core Principles

The Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party announced its new core principles, at its weekend conference.

The principles not only reflect the core values which shaped the party's existing policy but they can also be applied to non-cannabis policies.

The principles will be used to determine whether ALCP would support policies, put forward by other parties, that are unrelated to cannabis.

Kim Hill Interviews Arthur Baysting on Cannabis


Arthur Baysting Songwriter, former APRA board member and advocate for children's rights, talks about cultural changes on the issue of marijuana and how New Zealand might benefit from these changes.

Kim Hill is one of New Zealand's top radio interviewers and the host of Radio New Zealand's Saturday Morning show.

John Key sends Mixed-Message about Marijuana

ALCP are accusing Prime Minister John Key of sending mixed-messages about drugs, after he was asked about medical cannabis on a school visit yesterday.

John Key said "This is the fundamental message, drugs are bad for you".

ALCP Leader Julian Crawford said this statement contradicted the medicinal value that many drugs had, including cannabis.

ALCP Election Conference this Weekend

The Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party (ALCP) will hold its election year conference over the weekend in Dunedin.

Leader Julian Crawford will address the party faithful about the upcoming election campaign and the unique opportunity ALCP presents to voters.

The party will also unveil its candidates and new policy principles over the weekend.

Dunne's shameful attitude the 'real nuisance' says ALCP

Peter Dunne's attitude towards cannabis is the "real nuisance" to New Zealanders seeking legitimate medicine.

This shameful attitude shown to suffering children by Associate Health Minister Dunne should show how seriously he takes the job and ALCP leader Julian Crawford called for him to step down immediately.

The ALCP was distressed to see Mr Dunne rejecting calls from parents and medical professionals for the right to use medical therapies that have been shown to work overseas.


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