The General Election is coming up on September 20th and you can only vote for the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party if you are on the roll to vote. A number of talented electorate and list candidates will be standing for ALCP.

But your support is needed now more than ever. Please help us distribute our pamphlets to letterboxes in your neighbourhood.

We need donations to cover the cost of producing hundreds of billboards, printing a magazine, producing TV advertising and paying candidate's fees. Your support is much appreciated.

The huge value of our policy cannot be ignored. ALCP are in the election for a real shot at fulfilling item 1.2.f of our Constitution: "To elect competent men and women to Parliament."

ALCP Leader Julian Crawford

Mother's plea to legalise cannabis for sick daughter

A Rotorua mother wants cannabis oil legalised so she can give it to her sick 6-year-old disabled daughter.

Karen Jeffries believes cannabis oil will have better side effects than the "concoction of chemicals" her daughter is taking now. But Ms Jeffries cannot test the drug while it is illegal in New Zealand.

"I would never use it while it was still illegal so the Government needs to open its eyes and allow doctors to prescribe it in a safe, regulated way."

ALCP Announce Security Policy

Smelling cannabis will no longer be an excuse for police to conduct warrant-less searches according to Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party policy

However, the police and Defence Force will have more funding for core services due to a redistribution of their budgets.

If ALCP is successful, these departments would no longer be involved in cannabis enforcement, freeing up funds for core police and defence work.

Family Torn Apart over Cannabis Oil

A Northland family is being torn apart in their bid to give their six-year-old daughter cannabis.

Jessika and Brendan Guest moved from America to Whangarei last year but Jessika and their two children Jade, 6, and Ethan, 8, are heading back to Colorado where they can legally source cannabis oil to treat Jade's epilepsy.

Jessika said she believed medicinal marijuana was the best option for Jade, whose condition has worsened in recent months. But Brendan was planning to stay behind and it was unlikely the family would be reunited in New Zealand unless medical cannabis was legalised.

ALCP Policy supported by 20% of Kiwis

The Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party is the only political party representing the 20 per cent of New Zealanders who want cannabis legalised.

A Herald-DigiPoll showed 20 per cent of respondents favoured legal cannabis, over 30 per cent supported decriminalisation and 45 per cent wanted to maintain prohibition.

While Internet Mana and the Greens were targeting the decriminalisation demographic, ALCP was the only party catering to the legalisation demographic.

Cannabis Key for Sick Kids - Sunday Star Times

By Josh Fagan

A growing number of parents are risking fines or imprisonment to treat their children's serious diseases with cannabis, and experts say New Zealand is decades behind on the medicinal cannabis debate.

The Sunday Star Times has learned that dozens of New Zealanders are joining the waiting list of an illegal supplier of liquid cannabis products in Australia even though the producer faces a jail term for cultivating the plant.

Poll shows 20% of kiwis want cannabis legalisation

A poll shows most people want smoking cannabis to be decriminalised or made legal.

The latest Herald-DigiPoll survey shows just under a third of those polled thought smoking cannabis should attract a fine but not a criminal conviction, while a fifth went further and said it should be legalised.

Forty-five per cent said it should remain illegal, and 2.6 per cent said they did not know.

ALCP Announce Immigration Policy

Reform is needed to New Zealand's immigration laws the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party (ALCP) says.

The party has called for cannabis convictions to be removed as a barrier to immigration.

ALCP Leader Julian Crawford said tourists and those making visa applications should also be able to hide their cannabis convictions.

Over 95% of Australians Support Medical Marijuana (2.8 million votes)

Video 1: Marijuana: The illegal medicine
A former drug squad detective has spoken out about acquiring marijuana for his terminally ill son and fighting the government to legalise the drug.

Video 2: Medical marijuana: Jai's story
Following our story on Dan Haslam last week, the Australian Medical Association has now stated that clinical trials should be conducted and says that therapeutic cannabinoids that have been deemed to be safe, should be made available for patients when other medication hasn’t worked.

Cannabis plants cost man his home

A Picton man whose home was seized by the courts over drugs charges says he has effectively lost his pension plan and daughter's inheritance.

Gary Tittleton, 67, was ordered to forfeit 50 per cent of the value of his Picton home, after he was convicted in 2009 for cultivating cannabis and possession of cannabis for supply.

Tittleton said he was upset about losing his home after he was sentenced, but now he was "over it". "Don't get me wrong, I'm bloody pissed off, all for four marijuana plants."

Jamaica legalises up to 2 oz of Cannabis

Jamaica’s government has approved legislation to ease a ban on the possession of small amounts of weed. Hailed as a more “enlightened approach,” the bill will also decriminalize the use of the drug for religious, medical and scientific ends.

Jamaican lawmakers approved the amendment to the Dangerous Drugs Act which will legalize the possession of small amounts of pot, or ganja as it’s locally known, in certain cases.


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