Welcome to the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party

"New Zealanders Are Suffering,
People Are Dying,
The Solution Is Kiwis Growing Their Own Medicine!
Medical Cannabis Has Been Proven To Relieve Pain,
& In Some Cases, Cure, Serious Life Threatening Health Conditions.
Products Must Be Made Available To People Who Need Them.

New Zealand Is Massively In Debt,
Well Over 100 Billion, Why?
Because We Don't Create Wealth,
We Borrow It!
The Solution: Industrial Hemp!
1 Hectare of Hemp,
Is Enough Material To Build A 3 Bedroom Home,
You Get Up To 3 Crops Per Year,
And The Fibre Can Be Made Up To 12 Times Stronger Than Steel,
& Manufactured into 50,000 Different Industrial Products.
With The Advent Of 3D Printing And Robotics,
We'd Revitalize New Zealand's Struggling Rural Economy,
Provide New And Lucrative Opportunities For Our Farmers,
& New Zealand Could Become,
One Of The Worlds Leading Manufacturers & Exporters,
Of Highly Sought After,
Top Quality Hemp Products.

Natural Cannabis Hasn't Killed Anyone In Thousands Of Years,
It's Non-Toxic, Non Addictive, Cheap To Grow,
& It's A Billion Dollar Black Market!
The Regulated Sale Of Cannabis Would Return $150 Million Per Annum In GST Alone.
Plus, Saving An Instant $400 Million Per Year We Save In Drug Policy Enforcement.
And That's Also Not Taking Into Account New Zealand's #1 Industry, TOURISM.
The Dutch Cannabis Cafe Model Attracts 1 Million Tourists Per Year,
From Neighbouring France Alone!
The Benefits To New Zealand's Economy,
& Society in General,
By Providing A Safe Alternative To Alcohol,
Is virtually incalculable."
Vinny Eastwood - ALCP Social Media Advisor


ALCP'S MOTTO: Truth, Justice & Freedom.

Mission Statement

The Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party exists to legalise cannabis for medicinal, recreational and industrial purposes;
Empower people to work together,
To balance the power of the state,
And the rights of the individual.
All adults have the right to freedom of choice,
Unless that choice harms other human beings.

Executive officers:

Co-Leaders: Jeff Lye & Maki Herbert
President: Michael Britnell
Secretary: Irinka Britnell
Treasurer: Paula Lambert
Maori Affairs Spokesperson: Maki Herbert
North Island Manager: Vinny Eastwood
South Island Manager: Irinka Britnell
Sergeant at Arms: Michael Appleby


Party Vote: Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party

The Cannabis Party is standing in the 2017 General Election.
With 100,000 Party Votes, the Cannabis Party could reach 5% of the Party Vote,
and have MPs elected to enact the party's policy.
That is just 1500 votes per electorate!

The Cannabis Party has stood for in every General Election and By-election since MMP began in 1996.
We are the only party that can claim this.

General Elections:



  • Mt Roskill By-election 2016

  • Northland By-election 2015

  • Christchurch East By-election 2013

  • Ikaroa-Rāwhiti By-election 2013

  • Te Tai Tokerau By-election 2011

  • Botany By-election 2011

  • Mana By-election 2010

  • Mt Albert By-election 2009

  • Te Tai Hauauru By-election 2004

  • Taranaki-King Country By-election 1998


Core Principles:

1. Truth: We support honest, transparent government, making rational decisions based on the best scientific and empirical evidence available.

2. Freedom: We support Freedom Of Choice & personal responsibility.

3. Justice: We support the rule of law, upheld by common law courts and an impartial justice system.

4. Peace: We support non-violent conflict resolution and the non-aggression principle.

5. Ecology: We support protection of the natural environment, conservation of native plant and animal species.

6. Commerce: We support economic growth, fiscal responsibility and job creation, based on sound monetary policy.

7. Te Tiriti o Waitangi: We support the principles embodied in Te Tiriti o Waitangi (The Treaty of Waitangi).

8. Limited Authority: We support constitutional limits to the powers of the state, particularly where they undermine human rights or national sovereignty.

9. Personal Beliefs: We support the free exercise of religion or spiritual beliefs without involvement from the state.

10. Democracy: We support participatory democracy, representative government and parliamentary procedure.