Profile On Maki Herbert, ALCP Co-Leader

Aotearoa could become THE Cannabis capital of the world,

WHEN we have a Regulated market for Medicinal, Recreational & Industrial hemp.

You can look this up on the MINISTRY OF HEALTH website and type in Hemp licence.

Did you know it only takes 90 days to grow a crop of hemp?

1 hectare of hemp, is enough to build a 3 bedroom home!

To make "Hemp Crete" in Aotearoa, we are IMPORTING Hemp chips! Really!

The development of Hemp has potential to revitalise the rural economy,
Of course creating jobs,
And allowing for the manufacture of a range of up to 50,000 different environmentally friendly products.

These include biofuel, textiles, building materials, food and cosmetics, just to name few.

Medical cannabis improves the well being of thousands of people in Aotearoa.
Cannabis is known to treat a range of conditions, from Chronic pain to Epilepsy, Nausea and even Cancer, to say the absolute least.

Medicinal Cannabis will provide quality of life for many who choose to use it in it’s raw state,
And not worried about feeling like they're going to be criminalised.

Docters should have the authority to prescribe Cannabis!


Millions of dollars will be brought into all Regions,
If locals are allowed to grow and sell the plant legally,
within a licensed and regulated framework.

An age-limit will be established,
And taxes from cannabis sales,
Will fund Education, Health and Housing.

At 21 Years Old, ALCP has come of age, Cannabis, is a right.
It's those who vote to support the current Government...
And everyone that doesn't vote at all, who are giving that right away.
'if you don't vote you have no right to say anything'...
So, if you want to make a difference you have to vote!
Your vote does count,
And we as a collective, will make the change,
Law Reform will happen...
Sooner or later,
So who-ever is the next Government,
Needs to have a 'Binding Referendum'...
OR Let’s Just do it!

An awesome wahine toa,
Helen Kelly,
Died trying to convince Labour to have a 'Binding Referendum',
Winston Peters mentioned a Referendum on his tour in the last Northland By-election,
And of course backed down...
Greens got in on the Cannabis vote,
And it's taken this long to pull the question out of the ballot box...
It seems to me that all parties,
are using this issue as an Election bribe?

It’s time for change, Law Reform, it has to happen!

Vote for the Party that doesn’t want to convict and put YOU in PRISON!


It is time to



Nga Mihi

Maki Herbert, ALCP Co-Leader,

Te Tai Tokerau Cannadate