Open Letter To The Green Party & Party Leader James Shaw

Dear Co Green Party Leader James Shaw and The Green Party

Congratulations on getting into Parliament.

This Coalition is the best news for nine years and gives us great hope for Cannabis Law Reform as well as a better deal for all New Zealanders.

We just heard on the midday news that a referendum on cannabis has been agreed to and that is just fantastic music to our ears.

Did you know TU advocate for cannabis law reform Helen Kelly, also had a referendum written up, not long before she passed on? The ALCP has got a copy

If you would like to see it.  The Executive gave their word to Helen that they would try and get something done about it. Someone from Parliamentary Services assisted her to write it up, but apparently Labour were not interested in following up on it at the time. Some of our members who knew about this wanted the party to promote it for the elections – but the majority did not feel that it was the right time or conditions for it.

The letter attached was written to Rt Hon Winston Peters  last week and copied  to both the Labour Party and the National Party hoping to assist stimulate the need for the conversation for Cannabis Law Reform, to be part of the new government.

Please read or letter to Winston and also our letter to Jacinda Ardern below.

We know that we are mostly in agreement with the Green Party so we did not feel the need to write such an explanatory letter to the Greens.

We are so happy you are in the government and wish you and your party all the best with the Grand Coalition.


Yours faithfully

Irinka Britnell

On behalf of the ALCP Executive

Secretary – Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party

(03)981 5878 – 022 082 4399

Co Leader Maki Herbert – 022 410 8369

Co Leader Jeff Lye – 022 602 9226

Legal Advisor – Michael Appleby – 027 440 3363

Former Leader – 1996 – 2014