Open Letter To Jacinda Ardern & The Labour Party

Dear Jacinda Ardern and The Labour Party


First we would like to congratulate you for bringing the Labour Party to the level of being able to form a new government for New Zealand. We need change.


Please read attached our letter to the Rt Hon Winston Peters outlining the reasons for urgent Cannabis law reform.  65% of New Zealanders  believe cannabis use should be legally regulated. We are long overdue to change our Cannabis Laws, and we hope you and the Labour Party will work towards comprehensive Cannabis Law Reform. This is desperately required for the sick as well as those who chose to use it recreationally.


We applaud the great progress in law reforms for gay rights, and legalizing prostitution.  It is now time to stop criminalizing people for cannabis use.

People like Rosie Renton who help the sick, should not be under arrest today, with countries and states overseas moving into various models of Cannabis Law Reform.


This letter is an appeal to you personally and the Labour Government, to make Cannabis Law Reform part of the New Government Conversation. We noted your positive response to The 2010/2011 Law Commission Report.

It has been estimated that up to 200,000 New Zealanders prefer to use cannabis medicinally rather than opioid or chemically based drugs which have more severe side effects. They need accessible and affordable medical marijuana.


Please read the letter attached which explains most of the reasons why we should stop criminalizing our citizens for using cannabis and why it would be good for our economy, not only saving money but making money.


Yours faithfully

Irinka Britnell

On behalf of the ALCP Executive

Secretary – Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party

Ph (03)981 5878 -022 082 4399

Co Leader Maki Herbert – 022 410 8369

Co Leader Jeff Lye – 022 602 9226

Legal Advisor Michael Appleby 027 4403363

Former Leader – 1996 - 2014