Dunne's shameful attitude the 'real nuisance' says ALCP

Peter Dunne's attitude towards cannabis is the "real nuisance" to New Zealanders seeking legitimate medicine, says the leader of the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party, Julian Crawford.

This shameful attitude shown to suffering children by Associate Health Minister Dunne should show how seriously he takes the job and Mr Crawford called for him to step down immediately.

The ALCP was distressed to see Mr Dunne rejecting calls from parents and medical professionals for the right to use medical marijuana therapies where they have been shown to work overseas.

“In New Zealand today otherwise normal, law-abiding parents are choosing to break the law to get medicinal cannabis for their children, with some even emigrating so their children can receive medical cannabis prescriptions,” Mr Crawford said.

“Does Mr Dunne not understand that the chairman of the New Zealand Medical Association, the Commissioner for Children and the Dean of Health Sciences at AUT are among a host of professionals who say we should have trials of medical cannabis?

“Does he not understand that Canada has had medical marijuana for years, and 22 American states now do the same, along with countries around the world. Close at hand Norfolk Islands has just announced licensing for a medical marijuana industry, and political interest is also being shown in Australia”.

Mr Crawford said the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party was strongly behind such groups as Mothers for Medical Marijuana who are lobbying for medical cannabis and the party policy provides for research scholarships and clinical trials.

He said it was time Mr Dunne rejoined the real world, or gave up gracefully and retired.


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Dunne is another one who thinks he is the shepherd and we the stupid ignorant sheep. he is trying to divide to rule.

People like him, as in the elite, would only accept drugs if it is from another elite. Doctors and pharma can hand out mind altering drugs and he doesn't mind because they do it from a position of power. an individual cannabis user is just that an individual with free will dunne hates free will as this is opposite to what he believes in.

This is just a diversion to put the blame on one section of cannabis users and try to split the group up


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I can't stop my self

Peter Dunne represents everything that needs to change.

The arguement about cannabis is about the individual and the state. Dunne is the state and he will use all the power of the state to impose his moral code at any cost. the state is not just the government but any organised structure from religion to business and so that is why he may allow medical cannabis because it is within a state structure so control over the individual remains.

If in the future it becomes legal to possess and use cannabis, unless the state structure is radically changed it would use its power to still prevent cannabis use. State power will just be transferred to business's in the form of health and safety codes or into the welfare system as a sign of willingness to work.

The state will offer a choice but it will be starvation and exclusion from it's society which it will control or submission to the will of the state. as long as the state can in some way control the existence to the individual through income, housing, health or welfare it will control the individual and that is it's aim.

the fight to legalise cannabis is one battle in a major war and even if it is won would most likely end in a defeat if the rest of the state apparatus is not changed.

For cannabis legalisation to be true the entire relationship between the state and the individual needs to change around, with the state being submissive to the individual and providing their needs without the power to judge against it's own moral code set by a minority in power.

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